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Caregivers in the Hills

Caregivers in the Hills

To promote positive partnerships between unpaid Caregivers and the health care community to ensure mutual respect, communication, and compassion.

    Unpaid caregivers include any individual providing care – physical, spiritual, emotional, social – for a loved one without receiving pay
    Unpaid caregivers often care for family members, partners, friends or neighbours – includes translating, providing meals, transportation, emotional support, physical care and more
    Unpaid caregivers do not have to live with their loved one(s) to be considered a caregiver – can be a spouse, friend, neighbour, child, parent

    As part of the Hills of Headwaters Collaborative’s Community Wellness Council identified unpaid caregiver identification as highest priority.

    In response, our Collaborative developed the Caregivers in the Hills program to identify unpaid caregivers in Dufferin County and Caledon. The purpose of the identification badge is to validate and recognize the role of unpaid caregivers as they assist in the care of their loved one(s).

    Caregivers in the Hills is FREE to join and welcomes applications from all unpaid caregivers in Dufferin County and Caledon.

    Each member is given a unique Caregivers in the Hills identification badge that may be used in health and social care settings to ensure care providers know you are a caregiver. In addition, participating businesses in Dufferin-Caledon may offer discounts and benefits when the badge is presented.

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Phone: (519) 216-6671
Email: or call (519) 216-6671

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