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Elder Abuse Prevention Ontario

Elder Abuse Prevention Ontario

Elder Abuse Prevention Ontario (EAPO) is the provincial organization recognized for its leadership in elder abuse prevention in the province, providing education, training, resource development and information about the increasingly complex issues of elder abuse.

    EAPO engages and with over 40 local area Elder Abuse Networks across Ontario, to meet the unique needs of their local community in preventing elder abuse. EAPO collaborates to promote public awareness, deliver education programs and activities, develop resources and enhance awareness of local supports, services and available program that help older adults who are at-risk or experiencing abuse within their communities.

    EAPO is committed to working collaboratively with government and community partners, across all sectors, to ensure support for seniors are optimized. In doing so, EAPO is helping break down barriers, whether language, cultural, accessibility challenges or fundamental gaps in knowledge to improving the quality of life and well-being of seniors and their families. This is particularly relevant during ongoing impacts of the global Covid-19 pandemic .

    EAPO builds on the strengths, successes and relationships whether long-standing historic ones, or those recently forged through newly developed community initiatives. The focus of work continues to be advancement of elder abuse prevention strategies and building capacity for consistent responses province-wide.

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Phone: 416-916-6728

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