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Home and Community Care Support Services Central West

Home and Community Care Support Services Central West

We assess patient care needs, and deliver in-home and community-based services to support your health and well-being. We also provide access and referrals to other community services, and manage Ontario’s long-term care home placement process. Older adults can connect with local programs and services that provide support, health care, and recreational and social opportunities designed for seniors.

    We collaborate with primary care providers, hospitals, Ontario Health Teams and many other health system partners to support high-quality, integrated care planning and delivery.

    We help patients, their families and caregivers when they need services, support and guidance to:

    -Remain safely at home with the support of health and other care professionals
    -Return home from hospital and recover at home
    -Find a family doctor or nurse practitioner
    -Find community services that support healthy, independent living
    -Transition to long-term care or supportive housing
    -Die with dignity in the setting of their choice

    In addition to our role and responsibilities to provide home and community care services, we are important health system partners actively collaborating and managing emergency response activities such as pandemic response and community, hospital and long-term care home evacuations needed in moments of unforeseen natural disasters such as floods and forest fires.

    For information and referrals related to home and community care or long-term care home placement, please call 310-2222 for service in English or 310-2272 for service in French (no area code required).


    Home and Community Care Support Services provided care to more than 640,000 patients in 2022-2023 which included:

    -35,700,000 personal support worker hours
    -10,000,000 nursing visits
    -28,700 long-term care placements

    Our organization also:

    -Directly employs more than 8,900 staff across the province
    -Operates with a total funding allocation of $3.4B (as of July 2023)
    -Works with more than 150 service provider organizations via approximately 400 contracts which includes services such as nursing and personal support, as well as hospices and medical vendors

For more information please visit


Call: 310-2222 (No area code required)
Toll-free: 1-888-733-1177
Fax: 1-866-465-9662
TTY: 711 (ask for 1-888-733-1177)

IMPORTANT: DO NOT send any personal health information. This email is not for patient feedback or referrals. Please call us directly at the numbers listed above. We aim to respond within 72 hours, however, this email account is not checked on weekends or statutory holidays.

199 County Court Boulevard, Brampton, ON, Canada

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