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Town of Caledon - Age-Friendly Caledon

Town of Caledon - Age-Friendly Caledon

Town of Caledon's Age-Friendly Action Plan works to ensure that Caledon is a safe, welcoming, and inclusive community that celebrates the diverse needs of all residents, regardless of age.

    The Town's Age-Friendly Caledon Action Plan strives to remove barriers that limit participation among persons age 55+, working with residents and community service providers. We seek to improve and update programs that address the changing needs of Caledon residents, enabling healthy ageing for all. We are always looking to strengthen our partnerships with local service providers and agencies that support the needs of residents, to ensure the necessary resources are allocated to support the ageing demographic in Caledon.

    Some programs that the Age-Friendly Caledon:

    • Monthly Age-Friendly Caledon eNewsletter - go to to subscribe.
    • Age-Friendly Caledon Conversations - TV Series with Rogers TV
    • Snow Removal Financial Assistance Program - financial grant supporting low-income 65+ and low-income persons with a disability with snow removal.
    • Older Adult Home Safety Program - home fire safety check and support for residents 65+ living in their own homes.
    • Older Adult (65+) and Persons with a Disability Tax Subsidy Program - Financial support to offset property taxes for low-income residents 65+ or persons with a disability.
    • Health and Wellness Ambassador Program - a volunteer program to support community information and resources for the 55+ community and their families/caregivers.

For more information please visit


Phone: 311

6311 Old Church Road, Caledon East, ON L7C 1J6, Canada

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