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Bethell Hospice

Bethell Hospice

Bethell Hospice provides compassionate, respectful care to enhance the quality of life for individuals facing a life-limiting illness and their families.

    Hospice services are an essential component of our health care system, focusing on individualized care and comfort. Dignity and comfort are the cornerstones of care at Bethell Hospice. We welcome people of all backgrounds, cultures and religions.

    Bethell Hospice offers 24 hour care in our hospice residence in Inglewood, as well as a range of community programs and services for individuals still residing in their own homes.

    All services and programs are provided at no cost. There are no fees to stay at Bethell Hospice, or to participate in any of our community programs, and no one is ever denied care due to their financial situation.

    Bethell Hospice receives partial funding through the Ontario Ministry of Health. To bridge the funding gap, Bethell Hospice Foundation must also raise over $1,700,000 each year to ensure that all programs and services are available at no cost to residents, community clients or their families.

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Phone: 905-838-3534

15835 McLaughlin Road, Inglewood, ON, Canada

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