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CMHA Seniors At Risk System Coordination

CMHA Seniors At Risk System Coordination

Designed to assist in providing a safe short term solution for clients who are being neglected or abused until a longer term plan can be developed and implemented with a team of service providers such as CCAC, Alzheimer Society, and retirement homes

    Who can benefit?

    Seniors experiencing neglect or abuse.

    What are the major benefits?

    Consultation to clients, families and system providers in the Seniors and Mental Health system which would include education on how they can protect themselves with Powers of Attorney documents for personal care and finances and what measures they can take if they are feeling like someone is taking advantage of a Senior.
    Education to clients, families and community partners on what to look for and the red flags that can contribute to abuse such as caregiver burnout. Safety planning for seniors at risk in collaboration with key partners such as clients, family and community service providers. Identification of gaps in the system
    Information for anyone as well as support and or/next steps in a case of abuse, self-neglect or senior living at risk

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Referrals accepted from primary care, community partners, individuals and families.
For more information please contact 519-941-0465 ext 806 or 1-877-451-2123

1 Elizabeth Street, Orangeville, ON, Canada

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